Small Apartments or a specific space can be comfortable and stylish. Apply our 10 tips to organize a small space like a pro.

1Huge Mirrors

In a small apartment extend your space with mirrors. Use large mirror to give the illusion and perception of a bigger space. Your room will appear more spacious and brighter by reflecting natural or artificial light, for that  you need to think with attention where you will put your mirror.

DESIGN TIP: The best place to position a mirror is opposite a window to reflect the most light possible or to reflect a part of the space without many elements or furniture.

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2Smart and Multifunctional furniture.

Pieces that can serve multiple purposes are everything! Multifuncional furniture are very important when it’s come small spaces design because they have the capability to adapt to many situations depending of the activity.

Dual purpose! Look for multiple uses in everything you buy. For example: Ottoman to use as coffee table or chair, a coffee table with hidden storage, etc.

Buy cubes/ottoman that serve as a coffee table or as a seats when you have many guests at home.

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3Light Objects / Transparent Objects.

Weightless or transparent furniture are the best choice when its come to small spaces. Personally i love transparent objects and to use it in small spaces are a must have!
If you use transparent objects, your eyes will view more of the space and trick your mind into thinking it’s bigger than it’s in real.

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Avoid bigs and solids object to decor. Furniture with legs feels less heavy in a space than pieces that sit directly on the floor. Choose furniture made by light materials to avoid charge the space with so many information.

“Transparent objects can be Chic and functional at the same time”


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4Think Vertical.

Space is 3d, we have more than a footprint (the floor)! Don’t forget that you have vertical space. Go vertical and use the space up to the the ceiling whenever possible.

Small Apartments Design Inspiration.
Small Apartments Design Inspiration.

5Light and Fresh Color Palette.

Use light colors on the walls and floor. A room with light colors feels bigger and brighter because the surfaces can reflects more light. In this way you can create a comfortable and more spacious room.

White and Small apartment

6Wall or Ceiling Lamp.

Lighting is key to all spaces but even more to small spaces! Avoid to use a floor lamp or big tables lamp, it’s better idea to use ceiling mounted lights or wall lamps. In this way you have more space for you and your furniture.

Check out Pendant lamps to transform your home and get inspired!

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7Open and Articulate Spaces.

Small Apartments Design Inspiration.

There are thousands of ways to divide small apartments spaces without using walls. Play with heights, colors, textures, rugs or Multifunctional furniture.

8Levitate furniture.

Wall mounted objects is everything for small spaces. Make your walls work every time!

9Chameleonic Space!

Arrange the space so it meets your needs for the way you truly use it in a determinate moment. Buy furniture it can be easily rearranged as needed. You need to have the facility to re-organize your space as you want for each occasion.

10Bring in a Plant. Nature inside is always a good idea.

Nature is fresh and help to humanized spaces. Greenery makes even the smallest space feel fresher and lighter. If you don’t have space on the floor it’s not a big problem! try a hanging plant or use a Sky Planters to brings to your room modernity and chicness.

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  1. Awesome post! I have a small apartment and is a disaster!!! I need to start to organize it!!! Thanks for the tips, i think it will help me so much!!

    • There is always an excellent solution for small spaces! Small spaces can be cozy and stylish just use your creativity, your style and these tips to organize your home in the best way. Good luck Alana!


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