Zaha Hadid has left a great legacy not only for architecture. Hadid contributed with famous brands in the fashion industry like Louis Vuitton, Fendi, United Nude, Adidas, etc.

She definitely broke the mold of contemporaneity, bringing a new vision of the “possible”. This interesting woman, architect and designer will be remembered forever by the fashion industry. Her unique and personal seal has been stamped on each of her pieces of art. Shoes, handbags, jewelry were some of the objects designed by her for famous brands.

1. Melissa Plastic Shoes

The collaboration between Zaha Hadid and Brazilian shoe brand Melissa. This ergonomic design were made using digital modeling technologies.

2. Adidas Superstar

The Adidas Superstar shoe is one of the world’s most popular and recognizable fashion designs. In a unique collaboration, Pharrell Williams has curated the Supershell collection of contemporary reinterpretations on the Superstar shoe.

Pharrell Williams invited Zaha Hadid to reinvent the classic shell toe of the Adidas Superstar shoe. Hadid’s subtle interpretation is defined by the original structure of the famous Shelltoe, extending the radial linear pattern of the original design by adding depth and difurcation.

3. Flames for United Nude

Informed by the flickering light of fire, the Flames shoe is the most recent collaboration between Zaha Hadid and United Nude.

Flame-like bands originate from the point of the heel, rising upwards to gently embrace the foot, while the ergonomically optimized foot bed provides comfort and support.

The sculptural sensibility and experimentation of Hadid’s architectural language and United Nude’s expertise in manufacturing the most innovative designs has embodied the shoe with the essence of fire – delicate and ephemeral, yet compelling and dynamic. (

4. Nova Shoe

The NOVA shoe is the result of an exciting collaboration between Zaha Hadid and United Nude’s Creative Director, Rem D Koolhaas. Challenging the accepted rules of shoe design, through the use of innovative, experimental materials and a form that expresses movement, the design juxtaposes intricate layers with bold sculptural forms. The result is a shoe that rests comfortably on the foot, while expressing both its structure and the forward momentum of each step. Guided by her experience as an architect, resolving complex structural principles to create spectacular and uncompromising buildings, Hadid has developed an innovative cantilevered system that allows the 16cm heel to appear completely unsupported. (From


5. Celeste Necklace

Celeste Necklace designed by Zaha Hadid for Swarovski in 2008. Necklace in blackened pure silver and precious stones-white topaz,smokey quartz and black spaniel.

6. Silene Jewellery Line

Zaha Hadid extends the Silene jewellery line for Aziz and Walid Mouzannar. The Mouzannar family have been creating jewellery since the 18th century and they continue this remarkable heritage with the Silene Collection, a range of exquisite cuffs and rings that unquestionably conveys their passion and inspirations

The Silene Collection is informed by the fluidity and complexity of natural systems. An intricate web gently envelops the pristing gold pieces resulting in ethereal elements that explore the evolution of organic geometries and patterning.

7. Peekaboo Handback for Fendi

Zaha Hadid’s design for the Fendi Peekaboo is a Mille Foglie of soft black leather. It has the finely finished buckle, zipper and handle of the original. Hadid has reinterpreted the classic Peekaboo concept as a layered composition with a great many sleeves.

8. Icone Bag for Louis Vuitton

Conceptually, the studio’s reinterpretation of the iconic LV Bucket Bag began with a reflection on its essential function as a container. This gave rise to a series of physical interventions – extruding, distorting, peeling and slicing materials to create a new familiy of hybrid typologies, whit the pochetteclutch and bucket. (


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