For Architecture lovers Fallingwater is one of the most influential buildings of modern and organic architecture. Its concrete structure composed of pure forms and challenging cantilevers make it a Masterpiece to this day.

Located in Pennsylvania, USA, Fallingwater was designed between 1934 and 1935 by “The Master” Frank Lloyd Wright. It was commissioned by the Kaufmann family who owned the site long before the construction of the famous house. Wright position the house just above the waterfall, integrating architecture with its surroundings, not only visually but also by the sound and the perception of constant motion of Mother Earth. This and other Wright designs are influenced by Japanese architecture, an architecture that always seeks harmony and balance between human and nature.

Structurally it has as foundation of rocks, the majestic cantilevered concrete practically fly over the stream, some say E. Kaufman distrusted structural calculations made by Wright and secretly increased the amount of steel construction which sparked a Wright nuisance to their lack of confidence. Thanks to the observation Kaufman overhangs resisted time and gravity for a long time, but in 1990’s some volumes showed significant deformations, for that reason in 2000 there had to be an intervention of millions of dollars to keep it standing.

As for the interior design Wright always designed every detail, from the materials to windows, furnishings every detail was designed under the same concept of its organic architecture. The interior of this home environment is developed by the fireplace.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to visit or you want to remember the beautiful interior or exterior architectural composition, we invite you to make this magnificent and flawless virtual tour realized by Graphic Designer Cristobal Vila.



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