Pendant Lamps are a common element in our interior spaces. Check out these unusual designs and get inspired to have a sculptural lamp in your favorite space!

1Void Copper by Tom Dixon

“Inspired by the Olympic medals, Void is a mysterious lighting object. This pendant light is made from solid brass sheets which are pressed, spun and brazed. The double walls reflect and soften the light emitted from a concealed halogen bulb. Hand polished to create a mirrored surface.” (

2Comic Explosion by Ingo Maurer

3Newton Suspension Lamp by Boca do Lobo

Newton Suspension lamp is a handcrafted piece that has something unique about it. Newton Lamp is a monumental piece which authenticates Boca do Lobo designers and artisans’ work.

4Night Birds by Boris Klimek

“Inspired by the grace and freedom of bird flight, the Night Birds ceiling lights bestow a poetic charm and unprecedented dynamism to your interior. The lights do not merely hang in space – they fly. They provide you with the freedom of flight in creating variable compositions ranging from several individual lights to entire flocks of birds. The glass shades, formed to depict wings in various phases of flight, together with the pleasant LED illumination, bring the ambience of your favorite space to perfection” (

52097 Chandelier by Gino Sarfatti

“Designed in 1958 by Sarfatti,  this contemporary ceiling chandelier is state of the art. The main steel structure of this modern ceiling light has a mirror-polish finish. Each bulb is fitted on its own horizontal arm with the wiring meandering according to the shape of the arms all the way down to the stem. It has a ceiling fitting and comes with a suspension cable.” (

6Light Ring Horizontal by Henge

“Pendant energy saving LED lamp with warm light, formed with rings of various sizes and types of illumination; incorporating transformers in the ceiling rosette. (

7Marie Coquine Chandelier by Philippe Starck for Baccarat

Clear crystal and white lampshade by Philippe Starck. Marie Coquine is a cheeky and innovative reinterpretation of Baccarat’s classic Zenith chandelier. (

8The Vortexx Chandelier by Zaha Hadid for Zumtobel

The Vortexx chandelier appears as an endless ribbon of light. Viewed in plan, the light resembles a star, its protrusions cast outwards as if propelled by a centrifugal force. (

9Curve Pendant Ball by Tom Dixon

“Is it a satellite, or is it an Art Deco sculpture? Neither actually. It is a new curved geometrical light that pushes the boundaries of thin sheet etched metal fabrication. With its microscopic precision-pierced surface and soft nickel silver coating Curve internally reflects and emits a filtered glow of ethereal light“(

10Mercury Pendant Lamp designed by Ross Lovegrove for Artemide

11Scopas pendant lamp by Neil Poulton for Artemide

“Created through the repetition of an elementary module, this suspension lamp consists of a sphere with an incomplete structure. Ever changing in its appearance, depending on the point it is viewed from, it radically breaks the mould of the pure and sometimes monotonous forms that normally characterise this kind of lamp. Like the Black Star of the Empire in Star Wars, immobile in space, its apparent incompleteness is contrastedwith its technical efficiency” / Scopas by Neil Poulton

12Ice Chandelier by Daniel Libeskind for Lasvit


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