When the staircase becomes a sculpture

Design by “Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop”

The SDM Apartment designed by the Mexican architecture firm:  “Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop” breaks the concept of staircase as a simple functional element, transforming it into a sculptural element that can be enjoyed from various areas of the home. It is definitely an impeccable project.

Staircase Design – “Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop”

The soft and organic form get in each wooden element (precisely calculated) endow the space of Movement. According to the architects description the purpose is to break traditional housing in Mumbai, transforming the sculptural staircase in a central and fundamental part of the whole interior space.

Breaking with traditional housing in Mumbai, synthesize their customs and transform them today and life of users, under this concept proposed an interior design project where the object – sculpture called ladder becomes functional and core part, the subtle lines and curves that form are reflected throughout the project. -Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop.-

Staircase Design – “Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop”
Staircase Design – “Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop”

This project is a perfect example: Beautiful Form & Function in the same element.


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