Coffee Table design by Vito Selma

Beautiful Coffee Table for your Living Room!

Product: Hanako Coffee Table

Designer: Vito Selma


Hanako Coffee Table by Vito Selma

(Description From the Designer: Vito Selma) “As a child, have you ever picked up stones and bits of saltwater debris along an ebbing tide? Or pressed leaves or flowers between the pages of a paperback? Oblivious that tomorrow these odds and ends may be discarded along with the ephemeral quality of yesterday’s dusk.

We are afraid, that if an experience is not captured, it is lost. In the quiet contemplation of old photographs, we see our younger faces eternally smiling under the flashbulb, once secure and content with the promise of life. Comfort is found in preserving memories as they provide us with extensions to our past, present and future.

If you’ve ever been a child that kept stones and flowers, you’d understand that they weren’t just passing whims, but fragments of eternity”

Hanako Coffee Table by Vito Selma
Hanako Coffee Table by Vito Selma



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