12 Amazing Staircase Design for spectacular spaces

Staircase is a fundamental element in architecture, because through it we can access multiple height levels in space, use is practically mandatory, but what happens when an element so basic becomes a sculptural element?

The real purpose of architecture is to provide the live a unique and unforgettable experience. Here are 12 designs of stairs that not only enrich the space but become protagonists.  Get inspired!


1Design by Paola Calzada

Sculptural Staircase made by wood and steel.

2Design by Abraham Cota Paredes

Minimalist space with a perfect wooden floating staircase

3Design by Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop

Wooden Staircase made by monolithic pieces

4Design by Pitsou Redeem Architect

5Design by Dieter de Vos Architecten

6Design by Isay Weinfeld

7Design by ONG & ONG Architects


8 The Purple ink Studio

9Design by Jouin Manku

Design by Jouin Manku

10Diseño por Oscar Niemeyer

Design by Oscar Niemeyer

11Design by Francesco Librizzi

Design by Librizzi

12Design by Fuksas Studio

Armani Store 5th Avenue – Manhattan NY


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