Perfect sink for your Bathroom. Get Inspired with our top 10!

Definitely details make the design, these unusual designs sinks can transform an ordinary bathroom into an extraordinary bathroom.

Below are some designs that can serve as inspiration to complement  or re -design your bathroom.

Design by  Victor Vasilev

Designer: Victor Vasilev

Featured as a minimalist, elegant element , it seems to float in space. A volume of marble is combined with the main volume of glass. One of our favorite sinks for its simplicity, elegance and perfect design for ultra minimalist spaces.


Motif Basin Design by OMVIVO

Sink from OMVIVO

This design combines form and light. It is distinguished by its delicacy and detail, a piece of art for your bathroom!

Design by Joel Roberts

Designer: Joel Roberts

Eux eux, with a shape monolithic “wave”.  His  unique form can integrate all function in the same element. A good Idea for those seeking dynamism in their space.

“Silenzio” sink design by Antonio Lupi

Designer: Antonio Lupi

Antonio Lupi presents an integrated architecture proposal, that sink appears to be part of the inner shape of space.

Design by Omer Sagiv

Designer: Omer Sagiv


“Wing” design by Ludovico Lombardi

Designer: Ludovico Lombardi

Wing is a wall sink realised in Cristalplant as a continuous dynamic geometries frozen in its transition between the vertical and the horizontal planes. The solidity of the material and the sinuosity of the shape are generated with a dynamic simulation of a body pulled by the gravity.


Design by Johan Kauppi & Lars Sundstrom

Designers: Johan Kauppi & Lars Sundstrom

Modern Sink by Catalano

Sink from Catalano

Marble sink design by Henri Timi

Designer: Henri Timi

Spectacular creation in marble. A work of art that does not seem to be finished. Gives the sensation that has been carved in that same place. One of our favorite!

“Cup” design by Meneghello Paolelli

Designer: Meneghello Paolelli

Sophisticated and fun. This sink can be incorporated into a modern and relaxed atmosphere. Its giant cup shape gives a very funny and particular style to your bathroom!

Zahira Cury
Zahira Cury
Zahira Cury is an Architect, Interior and Lighting Designer, stylist, founder and creative director of D.Signers Group. She earned a master in "Lighting Design and Led Technology" in "Politecnico di Milano" in Italy and throughout her love of architecture and interior design, she decided to create the D.Signers instagram to share extraordinary spaces and inspire worldwide.

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