1Dark Surfaces

Spaces become more Dramatic. Pure black or dark gray are so IN this season, you can cover a full wall or use them on floors, furniture and kitchens.

2Greenery Color

Green is the color of the year. Green evokes nature and freshness, use it to break from the monochrome of a space. Use as an accent wall or blend it into furniture o door.

3Mix and Match Tiles

Choose tiles that contrast with each other. This usually cheers and relaxes spaces.

4Velvet Fabric

Velvet fabric in jewel colors are so IN this season. This fabric is delicate and soft perfect for contrasting spaces with rustic and modern surfaces such as concrete or exposed bricks. Use the Velvet for a specific armchair or sofa in strong and dramatic colors like Esmeralda green, grape purple, navy blue, etc.

5Concrete Surfaces

Concrete came to stay! This year remains one of the most popular. Use it on walls, ceilings or incorporate a coffee table or furniture with this texture.

6Black Frames

Give a Scandinavian touch to the space. Use it for divide interior spaces or in your windows.

7Open Spaces

Open and articulated spaces. They are thousands of ways to divide your spaces and ambients without using walls. Play with heights, colors or texture.

8Exposed Brick

Terracota exposed brick came to stay! Use it indoors or outdoors, accent walls for bedrooms or living rooms.

9Black or White Marble

Use either white or black marble in your bathrooms, kitchen, floors or in a coffee/dinning table.

10Industrial Elements

The industrial style will continue to dominate in interior design but in a smoother and more elegant way. Incorporate details such as vintage luminaires, rustic coffee tables or industrial storage.

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