5 Tips! Bedroom design ideas. D.Signers reveals 5 tips and ideas on how to decor your bedroom: accent wall, nightstands, warm colors, make the bed a focal point and lighting.

1Accent Wall

Choose the wall of importance in your room, this is usually the one that frames the head of your bed. Use colors that contrast with the rest of the environment or incorporate wood textures, exposed bricks or panels with geometric designs.



This element is essential because of its function. You can incorporate it in the design of your accent wall as if it were the same element or choose one that breaks the scheme by its color or its shape.

If you want to have a bedside table on each side of the bed remember that you do not necessarily have to comply with the symmetry just make sure they contain the same aesthetic code or that they can coexist.


3Warm colors

Our room is that intimate space to rest and relax; therefore, the color palette to use should evoke serenity. Use the colors nude, linen, orange, brown or dare to use strong colors such as dark gray and combine them with other warm textures like wood.

4Make the bed a focal point

If it is possible put your bed where you can see it completely from the door of the room, the bed is the focus of space. If you are looking for a modern style avoid decorating your bed with too many cushions or fabrics.


Light is the most important element of all space. Use warm color temperature.

Incorporate lamps on your nightstand. You can break the symmetry by using table lamps combined with ceiling lamps. Remember that the height of these bedside lights should be up to eye level.

Become a Pro in minutes watching this video. This 5 Tips ha been created by Professionals Experts from D.Signers Group.



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