Check out these modern and sculptural lamp designs and get inspired!

1Pin Lamp

Designer: Ichiro Iwasaki

The Pin wall light collection is an Ichiro Iwasaki design for Vibia. The collection of wall lights is characterised by its providing both indirect ambient and a focused reading light, which can be installed in rooms where it can contribute to create comfortable reading conditions as well as in circulation areas where several fittings can be configured to provide indirect lighting, like a light mural. (Info from Vibia)

2Perch Light Branch

Designer: Umut Yamac

Inspired by such natural glory and forever fascinated by the combination of balance and movement, Umut Yamac has created six lamps which captivate the viewer through motion, poetry and grace: The Perch Light family. A series of sculptural abstract lamps, made of folded paper and brass, come to light on their metal perches, like birds gracefully balanced on a branch. (Info from mooi)


3FormaLa Wall Lamp

Designer: Cini&Nils

FormaLa express the freedom to personalize your own lamp to create evocative surrounding. A stripe of light made of harmonic steel which can be used in different configurations to create amazing effects. (Info from Cini&Nils )

4Trio LED Lamp

Designer: Johanne Cinier

During the day, the TRIO LT Wall sconce is a decorative fixture. At night, it is illuminated with 600 LED lights.

Several ways to produce the light and the desired ambiance: The TRIO can be set to automatically change the intensity of the light frame by simply using the infrared remote control. (Info from Cinier)

5Bolt Sconce

Designer: Hollis+Morris

Taking inspiration from one of nature’s most awe-inspiring displays of light. This striking statement piece makes for a bold solution to lighting. (Info from Hollis+Morris)

6U-Light LED suspension lamps

Designer: Timo Ripatti

Collection consisting of wall lamps, ceiling lamps and suspended lamps in aluminium. Available in several colours and sizes. Built-in LED dimmable light source. (Info From Axolight)

7Dome 90

Designer: Benedetta Tagliabue EMBT

The integration of design, art and light in architecture dates back to a long time ago, and maybe this is the reason why lamps have gradually stop being just an item emitting light to become a light sculpture which confers a special personality to the product and its environment. It is such the importance of light that any change on the item can alter the formal concept of the whole project. A sculpture may seem more or less static, depending on the light received. With DOME we decided to take the light out of the object so it becomes a light sculpture designed to receive and emit a delicate light, a play of shadows and nuances that enrich the space for which they were created. Developing this project with Benedetta has allowed us to reflect on the art of lighting, on how to reinterpret light and on the creation of products with a more artistic approach and a less industrial look. It has also allowed us to be swept away and do what we really like to do. These light sculptures are completely handmade and they are entirely produced in the Bover Barcelona HQ. More than 170 big and small wood fragments are wisely intertwined and sewed one by one to end up in such a jigsaw puzzle. (Info from Dover)

8Aria Lamp

Designer: Zaha Hadid

A light piece that is charged with Hadid’s dramatic sense of motion combined with the intrinsic weightlessness of technically advanced materials. With its 50 layers of Crystalflex®, this suspension light has a complex harmonic yet fluid contemporary quality. With its translucent black overlay, a fascinating sculpture in light. (Info from Slamp)







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