Modern Interior Design. This study is about an existing residential apartment’s functional, aesthetic and energy upgrade. Constructed in the 1970s, the city-center residence presented severe wear and tear and had to be radically renovated.

The Proposal:

The proposal was shaped around the following guidelines:

* Optimization of the layout’s functionality

* Flexibility and adaptability of the interiors

* Creation of spaces with high aesthetic quality

* Highlighting of the residence’s views over the city

The residence is located on the last floor of a typical 70s multi-storey residential building. The owners’ intention was to radically alter the space both aesthetically and functionally and their main requirement was to create a modern environment that could cover their increasing needs.

In terms of functional arrangement, the proposal introduced a radical alteration of the flat’s circulation, placing it around the volume of the building’s vertical communication core. The volume was clad with adequately processed walnut timber, creating an interesting path through the residence. Perimetrical illumination on the walnut-clad surface was applied to enhance its texture and natural characteristics.

Regarding the apartment’s overall design, one of the main challenges was the placement and organization of the kitchen, which was eventually conceived as an extension of the living room and dining area. This resulted in the creation of a uniform space that enjoys natural light all day long.


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