Wooden Chair “Bivalvia” A Contemporary Furniture design by Jan Barič.

Location: Celje, Slovenia.

Description From the Designer:

The shell is composed of two parts of the shell, which are connected by a small tendon. Regardless of the size of the tendon, the strength of the shell is extremely high. Exact same concept works with Biavalvia chair. Two wooden parts of the chair are connected with small solid aluminium tendons.

 Designer: Jan Barič


“Before I made this chair I designed 24 other chairs, but I thinks this design is unique. I mostly used half lap joints and dado joints. The main joint is three piece joint, which are glued together and reinforced with INOX screws. Screws are hidden with aluminium inserts witch are polished. I think this is great detail. It is actually really comfortable because of the profile of seat and back. I designed two models, classic chair and lounge chair which is more comfortable”


Photo Credit: Jan Barič.

Information: Jan Barič Studio.

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