Wooden Lamp “Kran” where beauty and engineering are one.

The KRAN lamp is a highly adjustable creature of the night. With four key joints it can be adjusted in height and direction, both vertical and horizontal. The height of the lamp in extended position is 55cm (22″). The “head” section holds the master joints that allow it to move in two axis directions. – “We wanted to create a lamp that is more than a light source – “a creature”. With its structure and proportions we did our best to make it look like a living thing, a natural one, like it was found somewhere in the wild, a smart object. And interacting with the lamp certainly brings a feeling of connection and liveliness”

Image Courtesy: Dimitar Palanski

The structure of the lamp is made of linden wood that has a high level of elasticity and a beautiful texture that we expose even more with a satin finish. All fasteners are made of stainless steel and the joints can be adjusted easily by hand because of the classic wing nuts – We love these because they are essential part of the industrial feel we love.

Image Courtesy: Dimitar Palanski

More than the beauty of it – it is practical and functional piece of work. Directing the light where you need it makes your day/night easier.

The light source is a powerful G9 LED lightbulb. And the best part is you can use it anywhere in the world as we provide power plugs for any standard.

This is the Kran – designed to inspire, made by hand and made to last.


“The KRAN Lamp is a Beauty and Engineering Masterpiece”


Image Courtesy: Dimitar Palanski
Image Courtesy: Dimitar Palanski
Image Courtesy: Dimitar Palanski

Photo Credits and Text: Dimitar Palanski.
Firm: Paladim.
Project location: Bulgaria.

More Info and Designs: www.paladim.bg


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