Dark Kitchen Trend. Thinking of remodeling your kitchen? What if you go out of the conventional and opt for an elegant, dramatic and contemporary style!

Dark kitchens have been in trend this season, their different and dramatic appearance have made them the favorites of designers and design lovers due to their elegance,  specially when they have matte finishes combined with contrasting colors.

It is aesthetically advisable to soften kitchens that use dark surfaces with other “natural” materials, such as wood in light tones to give warmth to the space, as well as some plants in the interior and adding a lot of natural or artificial light!

Check this TOP 20 of dark kitchens with a spectacular composition!

IQOSA Design
by Alexey Seldin & Alexei Golub
by Łukasz Brzozowski
Design by Chamberlain Javens Architects
Visualized by Julia Sultanova

The wood provides contrast and warmth to the design, softens and humanizes the space.

Design by Inês Brandão / Photo by João Morgado

HDR Designer
by Julia Sultanova
Design by Plasterlina

by Mitaka Dimov
Design by Soesthetic Group

Lighting is key! select a modern lighting design! Use LED Strips to define volumes and to provide the general lighting, use spot lights to complement this lighting and to provide a dramatic atmosphere!


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by JW Renders
by Jean Regauer

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