During this year’s Concours d’Elegance, Infiniti revealed their latest project for 2021, the Prototype 10. Similar to the Prototype 9, this speedster has the unique feature of being a single-seat car. However, very unlike it’s previous model, this vehicle comes with an elegant, modern and slick design.

The car’s most prominent features are the slit-like headlights, black chin spoiler at the front, it’s flat under-body, the low and long look and austere straight lines inspired by origami. The uninterrupted power delivery of the motor is also visualized by the clean, unbroken surfaces, while the monoposto seat layout is claimed to show Infiniti’s driver-focused approach to its cars.

However, even with the majority of details released, there’s still no proper information of the Prototype 10’s powertrain or performance. Although, it’s said to preview Infiniti’s future direction in electrification.

The Prototype 10 also hints at the potential of Infiniti’s rigid, modular platforms, with a flat floor improving design and packaging, like enabling the seat to be placed low in the chassis. Those platforms will also allow the electric powertrains to be placed in new and creative ways in vehicles in all shapes and sizes, such as sedans, SUVs and sports cars, with support with a variety of drivetrains including a new electric all-wheel drive system (e-AWD).

Take a look at Infiniti’s Prototype 10 release video:





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