Architects Fernanda Canales and Claudia Rodríguez teamed up to create a holiday home structure from black concrete blocks, wood, stone and glass, located in Valle del Bravo, Mexico.

This 6,500-square-foot (604-square-meter) Casa Bruma project takes the form of an “exploded house“, where every unit of the structure is independent and connected among each other by shelter corridors. It’s designed with a different height to allow it to appear and disappear between the surrounding slopes.

In total, there are nine blocks containing the kitchen, dining room, main room, the main bedrooms, guest rooms, and garage and service rooms, which are all linked together with covered walkways.

Each block faces the courtyard on one side, with the other side looking out towards the surrounding landscape to ensure enough privacy and natural light throughout the day. Two of the blocks have roof access, creating terraces over the bedrooms and the rest are topped with greenery.

All of the water used for the house is sourced from collected rainwater, and landscaping uses plants native to the region.

This concrete project was created not only to preserve the rustic and timeless design, but to create a welcoming atmosphere, partnered up with great environmental features. 


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