Minimalism has been in style for some time now, due to its aesthetically pleasing features. What makes this trend so attractive is its simple look, making it appear clean and welcoming to the human eye. Becoming the new modern rage, minimalism has made its way to every design enthusiast’s home and bathrooms are no exception.

1White, white, white.

First rule of minimalism: white. Nothing says, clean, slick and simple like a nice white colored wall, paired with white polished furniture. This makes your room appear bigger and lighter. To compliment the look, it can be accompanied by small, green plants, giving the bathroom a fresh sensation.

2LED Lighting Simplicity.

Add a touch off LED or architectural lighting to your space. This will bring a touch of modern vibe to the area. But remember, less is more. All you need are little lighten details to give a pop of brightness.

3You Can Never Go Wrong with Neutrals.

A neutral color palette is a must! Adding accent colors like gray, beige, tan, black or any Earth Tones are perfect for a minimal and modern look. Vibrant or bold colors are considered too much or cluttering for styles like these, so it’s always best to avoid them.

4Less is More… Literally!

Bathroom assessments that blend into the room are key to the “less is more” rule, other than actually having less furniture (of course). Solid colored showers or bathtubs that blend into the walls, levitating sinks, non-textured floors, mirrors and glass are only a few elements that can be brought into a modern bathroom to give it that minimal feel to it.

5Wood + Marble.

Wood and marble make a surprisingly good combination. Marble already makes the perfect assessment for a minimal bathroom, but paired up with natural light wood, it brings out a much needed modern vibe, but only if used in moderation.



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