Apple recently launched their new, very much expected, models. With their improved version of the iPhone X, the iPhone Xs, the bigger version, the iPhone Xs Max and the “less expensive” iPhone XR.

The iPhone XR,  features a notched 6.1-inch LCD display and Apple’s Face ID system.  Apple is calling the 6.1-inch screen a “Liquid Retina” display, which offers a 1792 x 828 resolution at 326 PPI, featuring Apple’s True Tone technology.

While this smartphone, appearing larger than the iPhone Xs, still has a number of components that makes it significantly different. The frame is aluminum, not stainless steel, There’s IP67 water and dust protection, instead of the improved IP68 rating on the iPhone Xs, the screen is LCD, not OLED and there’s no 3D Touch, but a new Haptic touch system instead. Last, but definitely not least, it comes in interesting colors.

This version,very similar to their previous inexpensive model, the iPhone 5c, comes with a wide variety of colors, something very unusual for iPhone’s “minimalist” graphic line.


This baby blue model brings back all the nostalgia of the iPhone 5c. The colors are very much alike, but a little less saturated. It’s your typical blue phone, found in a large market of Android phones, but apple. Still elegant with the smooth, glassy display.


Probably iPhone XR’s most elegant model. This smartphone is the perfect asset for a minimal look. The color is exceptionally white, compared to their previous models, yet still maintains a soft color for the human eye. If you want to follow apple’s minimal, elegant style, yet want to purchase the inexpensive version, this model is best for you.


Sunshine Yellow, but without the sunshine. Along with the rest of the XR series, this phone has a non-vibrant, non-saturated color. It’s somewhat a pastel yellow, but a little gloomier. We wouldn’t call it iPhone’s most elegant model, but it still contains the slick, minimal style that we all love. However, the color does seem very different than any other smartphone on the market, so if you’re looking for an original, non-blinding color, this might be your best pick.


We’re not saying this might be iPhone’s most stunning color, but this certainly seems to be iPhone’s most stunning color. Every red model they have looks clean, slick, elegant, just the right amount of Bold and it’s profit goes towards a great cause. This model is no exception. A beautiful shade of red that combines perfectly with the clean black screen. This is definitely our favorite iPhone XR model.


When Apple considers making a bold move, they definitely make it very bold. This washed out coral is the most unattractive phone of the entire series. Maybe even the entire iPhone line. However, much like their Yellow version, this model is surely a unique color. If you want to stand out of the crowd, this might be the phone for you. Although, you might not be standing out for all the right reasons.


Everyone’s safest color. If you’re looking for an elegant phone, black is always your best choice. The glossy back and the silk, wide screen go perfect together. Black has always been and will always be the cleanest color for a smartphone. This model is, without a doubt, our top favorite iPhone XR.


Check out iPhone’s release video here:



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