Russian artist Vera Shimunia doesn’t need paint and a white canvas to create amazing artwork. This incredibly talented artist has managed to master the art of embroidery painting. Through the use of intricately stitching together a range of colorful threads onto an embroidery hoop, Shimunia is capable of creating breathtaking masterpieces the size of her palm.

Most of Vera’s work gravitates towards landscape beauties, using a great variety of colors to create a richly textured work that seems to jump out of the embroidery canvas by adding depth and dimension to most of her artwork’s elements, like fluffy clouds and deep blue seas.

The artist uses a series of techniques to obtain breathtaking results, such as various stitch and knot styles, as well as differently textured threads, including thin, thick, and even three-dimensional fibers.

Lately, Shimunia has been experimenting with a series of new styles, such as finger tip-sized masterpieces and embroidered landscapes merged with real images to create surreal scenes.

More of Russian based, amazing artist, Vera Shimunia’s work can be found on her instagram and purchased on etsy.


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