The Contemporary style tends to evolve with time. It takes a bit of each style and makes it their own. Unlike the “modern” style, a contemporary space goes along with the trend of the moment, it could be traditional, futuristic or minimal and it constantly changes to adapt to every new detail considered trendy.

Unlike popular belief, a contemporary style doesn’t have to be cold and tasteless. Due to it’s constant use of neutral colors, it can often be confused this way, yet this style has the ability to appear warm and welcoming, even without using a vibrant color palette.

Here you will find the top 10 most amazing contemporary bedrooms, each with a unique and breathtaking quality that’ll make you want to transform your entire home into a contemporary haven.

1Textured walls.

This bedroom, along with its architectural lighting and calming color palette, make an amazing space. However, its best feature is the textured wall. Patterns and textures make and overall interesting space.

2Nothing but windows.

Nothing says “calming space” more that a completely green background. Having so many windows gives the freshest sensation, while also making the room appear bigger and brighter.

Due to the complex nature of the background, every other element in the bedroom needs to be simple and clean, to avoid saturating the interior. A good balance between furniture and your surroundings is one of the best tricks in a contemporary space.

3Lighting is key.

Lighting is everything when it comes to designing your space. LED lighting and lighting integrated into the architecture are the most used in a contemporary style and definitely the most flattering. If you want to make your room stand out, just give it a try! Pop out some great lighting and bring a modern, bright vibe to your room.

4Wooden dream of it (pun intended).

Incorporating wood textures into your space can seem cluttering and just a bit too much, that is if you don’t know how to use it. Adding light touches of wood can wrap up your room perfectly. You can add wood to a small space on your walls, wooden furniture or small wooden details to make your interior look like a dream.

5Low spaces.

The best can always be found in any condition. You don’t need high walls to take advantage of your space! Adding low furniture and the correct lighting to an already low ceiling can be the perfect touch for a contemporary room. Remember to always work along with your surroundings.

6Textures and textures.

This bedroom plays with bricks, concrete and minimalist lighting. It’s the perfect example of playing with textures, without saturating the space. Make use of your creativity! Add all the fun textures you’ve always dreamed of, but keeping it simple. Simplicity and a clean space make an amazing luxurious bedroom.

7A bold accent color.

A neutral color palette isn’t everything in a contemporary space. Adding a bold accent color is key for keeping a balance within your interior. But remember to always stay true to the colors you’ve chosen!

8Always say yes to art.

Art in any kind of form is a must in your bedroom! But the trick is to make sure that your artwork combines with your space’s color palette. This bedroom uses a beautiful art print that goes perfectly with their creative chair and the thin vertical slats posted on the wall. Everything must be a fundamental part of your interior.

9Less is more.

Minimalism isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The best thing to do is embrace it. However, the clean white walls, the simple furniture and the¬†decluttering philosophy makes it very easy to accept the trend. It really isn’t just a fashion phase, it’s a lifestyle.

10Luxury at its finest.

Marble is your best option for a luxury look. It’s a great way to reflect lighting and make your space appear bigger. The high ceiling is also an amazing way to give some extra elegance to your interior.

Work with your room, add small, complimenting details to give your space the personality it needs. Make your contemporary room as warm as you desire, to give it a stylish, yet homey essence.


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