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Darkish Inside: A Fashionable Way of life!

A dark color palette is one of the most important elements of a contemporary space. Filled with a combination of moody colors over high-end contemporary furnishings and some special examples of statement lighting, these homes make the perfect example of a modern dark interior.

Here you will find beautiful dark interiors, with tips and tricks on how to achieve the look.

The textured dark walls and black marble kitchen top make a great combination for a modern interior. It brings the perfect touch of dark elements to darken the room just the right amount.

Copper or golden accents are mainly used brighten the space and balance out the dark colors, like this kitchen’s shape of shining handles, the gleaming faucet and the overhead rack to hold a collection of indoor herb planters.

Grey painted wainscoting lines one wall provide a subtle contrast against the black kitchen cabinets. Three kitchen bar stools lined up at the central island have taupe seats to stand out against the black unit.

Lighting pieces can make or break a room. These black, gray and taupe colors combine greatly with the two globe pendant lights situated on both sides of the bed and the slender copper floor reading lamp lights next to the comfortable chair and footstool. These lights stop the monotone, gloomy style of the space and give it a mix-up with the unusual lighting.

A pop of color is an excellent choice when it comes to contemporary interiors. Even though this green couch isn’t the most vibrant accent feature, but paired with the landscape wall mural, it gives enough color and balance to the room.

Floor lamps are a popular choice for soft lighting by a sofa; this seating area also incorporates a soft glowing suspended ceiling light, an artistic installation of wall lamps and gentle strip lighting within the shelves an adjacent bookcase.

Black kitchen cabinets surround the eating area, cut through with a stripe of dazzling white marble. Along with the olive green chairs, the pendant lighting and the patterned floor, this space is just the right amount of dark.

A blue bed brings some color into the room. Suspended at either side of a marble headboard feature wall are hoop shaped bedroom pendants that give brightness to the space.

Implementing a piece of artwork, like the one propped behind the bedside table, gives a fun touch. Art is always a perfect assessment to an interior.

This bathroom scheme goes perfectly with the dark decor trend, with deep green wall tiles, a black ceiling and the floor sporting a striking black and white herringbone pattern. The LED lighting gives the room a modern touch.

Architectural arches and exposed brickwork walls lift a shadowy interior. The lighting is perfectly positioned to fall in spotlights over the modern sofa, which stretches out like a huge bed in the space.

Brick walls bring darkness to any room. The rustic, industrial-like style is mainly composed of darker color tones, which makes bricks the perfect choice for any dark contemporary space. 



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