The living room is the most important space in your home. It’s the perfect room to spend quality time with your family and friends! Which means, it’s the room that deserves the highest priority when it comes to designing. If you’re going to make good memories, at least make them in a stylish space! Get inspired with our TOP 10 Modern living room designs and achieve the look you’ve always wanted!

1Wooden Zone by Mohamed Terko

A neutral-toned monochromatic color palette paired with two bright Bird of Paradise plants to add life and a vibrant touch to the room. The modern coffee table helps bridge the two couches and does not take too much space, allowing the expansive light wooded floors to show. Along with an eccentric textured wall, this space makes the perfect modern interior.

2Natural Interior by VizLine Studio

This spacious neutral colored design is great for family time or any other socialization. The wall-to-wall window lets in an incredible amount of natural lighting, making the space feel larger and cozier than it really is. All while giving a stunning view of the outdoor greenery.

3A Winter Space by Miysis

For an open-concept living room, natural finished wood is the perfect element to keep things nice and airy, like the wide plank flooring in the massive space. The navy blue couch and pendant lights provide just the right amount of color, especially when contrasting against the winter wonderland outside!

4Dubai apartment by Dzhemesyuk Design

Normally, an all-black interior make the room feel less spacious, but thanks to the completely open wall and wide furniture, this space isn’t the case.This regal black living room with its rich hue and dazzling gold accent wall, give the perfect touch to represent luxury.

5A Pop of Color by Mockup Render

A pop of color can make all the difference and we can definitely see that notion in play in this living room. The end of the sectional, highlighted by a swing arm wall lamp, is extremely captivating in this design. It pairs especially well with the wall art that hangs above it.

6Luxury Space by SAOTA

Nothing says luxury more than an immense window revealing a breathtaking view.  The ceilings, the neutral minimal furniture, the extravagant lightning, everything about this room is a modern fantasy.

7Honey Scene by Polyviz

This room, with its white and gold color palette and the oversized sofa, transmits warmth and a cozy atmosphere. This sofa fills the space perfectly, and the yellow lighting gives the right amount of warmth, making the room appear more comfortable than it actually is.

8Luxury living by Tâm Võ

This grey living room utilizes accents of both gold and green to create, a more vibrant space, while still implementing a neutral color palette. The oversized windows climbing up toward the high ceilings creates the perfect environment for the small indoor garden to thrive.

9The Pool House by Naira Omar

This luxury living room with its sunken seating area surrounding a cozy fire bowl will surely take your breath away. With a pool off to the back and more seating to the left and right, this home is just the perfect definition of luxurious.

10Modern Highs by ZCOOL

If you love heights, than this is the living room for you! This double height living room is kept simple with its tan and beige color palette and tufted leather couches. The height of this room is accented with the multitude of pendant lights cascading from the ceiling and the extra tall black and white painting above the couch.


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