The Hong Kong Design Institute by Coldefy & Associés

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The Hong Kong Design institute, located in Tiu Keng Leng, is a leading educational institution committed to instruct and raise talented design students, under the VTC group.  The structure of the campus represents creativity and it’s said to reflect the multidisciplinary nature of the school as well as enlighten and inspire the minds of future designers.

The Jockey Club Innovation Tower by Zaha Hadid

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The tower, designed by the late Zaha Hadid, was completed in 2013, but officially open in 2014 to become the home of PolyU’s School of Design. It was designed to celebrate Hadid’s style and vision, as well as the role of Hong Kong as a design hub.

THR350 by studio Aedas

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Image result for THR350

This stunning private mansion was completed in 2013 for international acclaim and recognition from the design community. This private house contains nine stories, designed with detailed components for the art-loving owners. The building stands out for its unique blend of different materials and for its sophisticated approach to smart living.

M+ Pavilion by VPANG Architects ltd + JET Architecture Inc + Lisa Cheung

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The M+ Pavilion is a symbol of innovation and eco-friendly architecture. Opened in September 2016, it now serves as the primary site for exhibitions while the M+ building, a museum of visual culture, is being built. After its completion, scheduled to be in 2019, it will serve as a space for new rising artists to display their work.

Bank of China Tower by I. M. Pei

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Famously acknowledged for its angular, asymmetrical silhouette. Despite a polarizing reception when it was first unveiled in 1990, I.M. Pei’s modernist skyscraper has become an internationally recognizable icon of Hong Kong.

Charles K Kao Auditorium

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Nicknamed the ‘Golden Egg’, this structure is an auditorium in the Hong Kong Science Park. Named after Hong Kong’s only Nobel laureate, Dr Charles Kuen Kao, whose ground-breaking work in fiber optic telecommunications earned him the nickname ‘Godfather of Broadband’.

Hong Kong Velodrome by P&T Group

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Image result for hong kong velodromeHong Kong’s first indoor velodrome, offering an international space to serve for track cycling and world-class events. It also acts as a public gym, multi-purpose arena and rich greenery and open space for the public. The elliptical form and distinctive ribbed roof is inspired by the profile of a bicycle helmet and features a rainwater harvesting system for the surrounding greenery.

The Forum by Aedas

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The Forum is a structure dedicated to the Greater China private banking hub and Standard Chartered. Though it may not be immediately identifiable because of its unique structure, it leaves an impression on anyone who passes by. The structure resembles a glass cube, which balances at a delicate 15 ½ degrees on one corner.


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