Get inspired with our top 10 favorite luxury bathrooms, filled with tips and tricks on how to create a comfortable elegant space for yourself!

1A natural environment.

Positioning a bathtub on top of a mountain of pebbles creates a natural flow between inside and outside spaces. Pair it with an indoor garden of potted plants and other natura-like elements to maintain a balance within the space.

2Dare to create.

If you don’t have a wide window to display the wonderful nature held outside, then create it yourself! Place a tree mural behind your bathtub with tile designs to create a natural scene in your space.

3A soft interior. 

A soft bathroom scheme can also represent luxury. Add soft candles, a light color palette and few elements to keep the room light and desaturated. Jean-Marie Massaud, a star designer for Hansgrohe Axor, added in smooth pebble poufs to break away from a bathroom’s typically hard surfaces.

4Play with lighting.

Change bathroom colors to suit your mood. Color changing LEDs enable you to swap out your bathroom color scheme at the touch of a button. They can even cycle through the entire rainbow all by themselves whilst you relax in the tub.

5Wood and a dark space.

A dark color scheme and a wooden accents create a sumptuous look. Add candles and soft lighting to emphasize the theme.

6The right lighting.

Backlit mirrors are the perfect assessment for a luxury look! This lighting sends out a subtle illumination over a wooden vanity wall, adding elegance and style to the space.

7Art is always a great choice.

This imposing art mural definitely become the star of the room. Along with the pendant lights that softly light the small bathroom and the marble section under the bathtub, this bathroom represents traditional luxury with a modern touch.

8Different flooring.

Zone with different flooring materials are a great trick to add dimension and depth to an interior. The border to this wet zone is accentuated by a geometric section of wood flooring, which continues upward as bathroom TV wall decor.

9Frame it.

Frame your hero piece. Two unique plant stands frame an elegant freestanding bathtub.

10Layer your space.

Layer a bathtub in front of a shower unit. This modern chandelier helps visually anchor the tub in its central spot.


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