Apple did it again by launching two new iPad Pro 2018 models this past October 30th, which are considered to be faster than 92 percent of all laptops sold in the last year, including the 13-inch MacBook Pros, and a close proximity to the 15-inch MacBook Pro.

The premium tablets now come in three sizes: a brand-new 11-inch model that starts at $799, a redesigned 12.9-inch version that now starts at $999 and the 10.5-inch model from 2017 that remains priced at $649. These can all be be ordered today and will be shipped on November 7th.

The new iPad Pro might give you a sense of nostalgia. It could be because it has the new flat edges like the iPhone 5, 5s and SE once had, but with a smooth back that’s similar to the iPhone 7. However, this new tablet presents a bundle of features that are unique to the iPhone X. So Apple pretty much released a completely redesigned iPad that just might be the best one they’ve ever made.

Much like the iPhone X, the new Pros have smaller bezels and the displays are curved at the corners, enabling them to come much closer to the edge. However, they still aren’t all-screen like the smartphone, but they are definitely getting there. The home button has also disappeared and will entirely rely on Face ID. Also, considered a blessing to many or a curse to some, there is no notch or headphone jack to be found.Apple calls the new displays ‘Liquid Retina’, as on the iPhone XR, but the pixel density is the same as on the iPad Pro 10.5 in from 2017, and indeed much lower than on the iPad mini 4, which is designed to be held closer to the face. However, Apple did inform us to expect great things for the new tablet’s screen, as it offers the same pixel masking and antialiasing as on the iPhone XR, and has a new backlight design.The iPads are also thinner, both 5.9mm thick, a bit different from the 10.5in model, which is 6.1mm, and the 6.9mm 12.9in model.

Available in only two colors: Silver and Space Grey. Surely, the gold option will definitely be missed. The new Apple Pencil also comes with great features, like attaching itself neatly to one edge and supporting wireless charging while doing so.

Last, but definitely not least, the new iPad now supports USB-C connectors where the Lighting port used to be, which means greater versatility when using them with third-party accessories, but terribly annoying for those who have Lightning docks and headphones.

As for the specs, Apple has truly succeeded their previous generation. The processor doubled from the A10X in 2017 to the A12X Bionic, which is considered the most powerful chip they’ve ever done. Apple says that the previous processor is 2.5 times faster than the old A8 chip, found in the iPad mini 4. However, the tablet’s new A12X is 3 times faster. 

Other new features are the storage, which now goes up to 1 Terabyte, the rear camera is still a 12 Megapixel camera, but it now offers the famous and much wanted Portrait Mode, and Bluetooth went from the 402 edition to the 5.0.

Apple has, without a doubt, surpassed itself. This new tablet is said to be so powerful, that you can even use Adobe programs, like Photoshop, without a single problem. This iPad can definitely exceed most of the popular and powerful computers in the market. Now let’s just wait and see what Microsoft Surface will come up with to compete this time.




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