Designed by architect Claudio Beltrame in collaboration with DomusGaia, an Italian company that specializes in wooden prefabricated houses. This unique project, located in the Italian Alps, began with the desire of creating a small structure that serves as both a refuge for man and a natural element of the environment.

“Shelter in a tree has always been the best place to dream ,” said Beltrame. “[They’re] man’s primitive place and a place of liberty and reflection.” He was also guided the Heterotopias theories, of spaces that operate outside of society and its systems of control, created by the philosopher Michael Foucault.

Built completely out of xlam wood insulated with wooden fiber, covered with larch shingles that are small in size in order to easily follow the curvature of the threehouses, this structure surely blends in with its surroundings.

The egg-shaped treehouse, also referred to as pinecone-shaped, is raised ten meters above the ground and is made of three parts. The first level serves as a panoramic covered terrace. The second, is composed by a set of stairs, which follow the pinecone or egg’s shape, and acts a structural cage that leads through the interior by two large windows with sliding doors.

This second floor houses a small kitchen, the bathroom door and wooden stairs that lead to the third floor. On this last floor, a double bed can be found underneath a round skylight at the top of the structure.

The area the structure is located in sits at 1,200 metres above sea level in the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage area. Located in the town of Ugovizza in the Dolomites, this extraordinary tree house can be found available as a holiday let.


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