Street artist Tamara Djurovic, also know by her artist name Hyuro, has a wide range of amazing, diverse and gigantic murals painted all over the world. Tamara has done incredible compositions in Brazil, Italy, Spain, Belgium and The Netherlands.

Hyuro’s love for murals began at a young age, growing up in Argentina. Buenos Aires has a long tradition of culture surrounding public space, and murals have always been an essential element.

“[I’m] not sure in which moment I started to love it, or if it was always there,” she says, “I think I could have never imagined the strong impact that working on public spaces had on me.”

Her art has an interesting way of blending perfectly with their surroundings and architecture. Without a particular theme to work within, Hyuro’s work is regularly focused on commenting and portraying the more complex side of human beings.

Hyuro creates art pieces where the human body is the central focus, and leaves a suggestive message for the viewer’s to interpretation. Often depicting women, portrayed alone or in a group, she uses soft colors which capture a delicacy in her subjects. Hyuro seems to not only focus on the general complexities of human beings but also her personal experiences.

Find out more of Tamara Djurovic‘s amazing art on Facebook and Instagram.


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