If you thought 3 to 4 rear cameras was impressive (or too much), then get ready for Nokia, who tipped the scales with even more cameras to show. With 5 rear cameras, and one frontal lens, the Nokia 9 PureView rounds up to a total of 6 cameras for a single smartphone.

Finnish company HMD Global, owners of the Nokia brand, launched the Nokia 9 PureView at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) trade show in Barcelona last week.

The highly impressive phone, along with its 5 lenses arranged in a hexagonal shape on the phone’s rear, they also have 12 megapixels each that operate together to take one HDR photo, with increased detail compared to those from other smartphone cameras. And unlike most smartphones with multiple camera lenses, the Nokia 9 PureView doesn’t let you use any of the lenses individually. The purpose of this is because it’s supposed to mirror the capabilities of a DSLR camera.

This system becomes advantageous when photo editing. With more information in areas of light and shadow, users are afforded greater possibilities for post-production. They also gain more control over depth of field.

Besides the overall exaggeration of 5 whole camera lenses, the smartphone has a typical design. It lacks a notch, instead they choose to keep up with bezels above and below the screen.

The power/lock key and volume rocker easily accessible on the right of the phone, while on the base a USB-C port resides alongside a microphone and speaker. However, there’s no headphone jack to be found, which is a serious downside to many smartphone enthusiasts. But not for apple users though, you guys are probably used to that.

There is an additional feature that can bring a lot of excitement, with a fingerprint scanner built into the screen. But unlike the Galaxy S10, that uses ultrasonic tech for its on-screen scanner, the Nokia comes with the commonly used optical reader, which is still very cool.

Nokia’s new smartphone is definitely worth looking out for. However, it’s important to know this is a limited-edition smartphone. Which means that when HMD’s stock runs out, the phone will no longer be accesible to the public. So if you’re interested, make sure you’re a fast buyer because there’s a chance the Nokia 9 could be sold out within a day, a week, or maybe a month.

It costs $699, and it’s officially available in the U.S. If you by it in the first week of sales (March 4 through March 10), you can get it for $599, which is a $100 discount. Not bad, for what it offers, and surely way cheaper than other camera phone powerhouses, like the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, Google Pixel 3 XL, Huawei Mate 20 Pro or the iPhone XS Max.

“Today we use our heritage of innovation to take a bold step — pioneering a truly innovative approach to imaging with the Nokia 9 PureView,” said HMD chief product officer Juho Sarvikas. “We believe great experiences should be available to everyone.”


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