From Designers: “The Hanging Stool was inspired by working at a standing desk. Research shows it is ideal to switch between sitting and standing throughout the day.

The design was born out of the action of quickly transforming an entire workspace to reflect standing or sitting, and the need within that to rid the space of often bulkier office chairs.

As we developed the stool we found it works well for small space living too allowing someone to quickly transform a room to their needs. The monochromatic seat folds up and the circular seat folds down to meet with the elliptical brace to create a visually interesting wall hanging.

The Hanging Stool is a self-initiated project from Leadoff Studio, on display at Launch Pad at Wanted Design. “

Perfect for smaller homes and busier lives. The nifty stool design can flatten up into a nice looking ornate form that can be easily hung on the wall. When you need a stool, take it off its wall-hook and set it up in roughly 5 seconds with a simple flip of the seat and the legs.

Not only is it perfectly designed to fold, hang and take up little to no space, but it’s also a modern take to an ordinary stool. It’s made of an eccentric and vibrant color that would add a much-needed pop of color into any space, even if it’s only hung on your wall.

What makes this hanging stool stand out from other folding furniture is not only the precious blue, but it’s different approach to the folding mechanism. It also makes a nice home decor thanks to its quirky hang-able nature (thanks to the two leather straps on each side) that gives it a slight visual edge above others.

Showcase: LaunchPad at Wanted Design
Year: 2019
Studio Role: Industrial Design, Engineering


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