Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects and Japanese “urban landscape developer”, Mori Building, have unveiled their designs for the Toranomon-Azabudai tower in Minato City, Tokyo. The building is one of three skyscrapers being designed by PCP Architects for Mori as part of the Toranomon-Azabudai district in central Tokyo,Japan, where Heatherwick Studio is designing the public realm.

The skyscraper will be approximately 1,083-foot-tall (330-meter-tall) and it is scheduled to be completed in March 2023. The main tower would be around 30 meters taller than the Abeno Harukas skyscraper in Osaka – currently the tallest building in Japan. One of the other towers on the site by Pelli Clarke Pelli is set to follow its companion and become the second-tallest building in Tokyo—the West Tower, at approximately, 863 feet tall (263 meters).

According to a press release announcing the project, the towers were designed under the guidance of the late architect César Pelli. The 64-story, bulging, glass-wrapped Toranomon-Azabudai main tower will mostly contain office space, with the retail facilities on its lower floors and 10 floors of apartments topping the building.

The other two skyscrapers will be predominantly residential. The east tower will contain 40 floors of apartments above a 120-room hotel, while the west tower will have 58 floors and will feature a mix of residential, office, and hotel spaces. All of the towers will be connected by an underground walkway, which will contain shops and restaurants.

“Out of our three projects on the site, the main tower is perhaps the most visual on the skyline,” said Fred Clarke co-founder and senior design principal of Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects. “This is a balanced landmark, and we gauged height to be a complement to the Tokyo Tower. Our designed towers are welcoming, friendly, and transparent, which touch the ground lightly, and complement the work of Heatherwick Studio,” he continued. “The towers reach into the sky with a powerful gesture, adding a positive note to the Tokyo skyline. It is a memorable landmark and creates a new centre of Tokyo.”


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