Christmas is here and it’s time to check out the latest trends, styles and some ideas to use for your Christmas decor! This time of year is not a trend, it’s a time to reflect and give thanks for being able to enjoy the holidays in the company of your loved ones. Although, who doesn’t like their spaces to be beautiful to enjoy with family and friends? Here, you’ll learn some new ideas to decorate your space to shine this season.


This style is characterized by its neutral color palette, mixed with warm texture and elements, perfect for people who love fresh, elegant, serene, clean and cozy styles. It combines warm grays, creamy whites, sage green, beige, pale gold, with wooden elements that provide warmth to the composition.

They are the perfect combo to create a balance of sophistication and glamour. This style is defined by soft shades, the Christmas branches are a little more pale to go with the range of colors that characterizes this style. 

If you’re a fan of Scandinavian styles, bright and clean spaces,  I’m sure these ideas are for you! Don’t forget to add elements to warm up the space through blankets, pillows and wooden decorative pieces. For an elegant look, avoid cluttering the interior with many decorative pieces. it’s a very good idea to select a few but bold pieces that allow your eyes to flow in the spaces.


You know that one of the favorite design trends this year is black matte, and Christmas season is no exception. Black matte combined with gold and wooden elements create a perfect balance! The elegance, drama and authenticity of this trend is suitable for people who like things out of the box. Spaces with a touch of drama and ultra contemporary style are perfect to incorporate this kind of decor.

The use of matte finishes combined with golden elements, with a touch of wood are not only perfect for the general decoration of your space, they are also favorites when decorating your dining table as well. If you are an ultra-contemporary person who likes dramatic and unique spaces with a very high level of elegance, you may like this decorative style.


Pieces with a lot of personality. Violet, emerald, intense blue and ruby red as the main colors, and luxurious textures such as velvet or metallic glitters that amplify the spaces, give us an innovative, elegant and super chic Christmas aesthetic.

If you want to use this color palette because you understand that it goes very well with your personality and the general decoration of your home, do not forget to complement those colors with elements that provide light and brightness like gold metallic ornaments.

The combination of jewel colors and gold have been in trend for a long time, they are still favorites even more at this time of the year, you can use this combinations on your dining table as well.


Nature, rustic elements, handmade details are favorites in this trend. This style is perfect for those who enjoy the simplicity and beauty of nature. Pine cones, natural branches, cinnamon sticks, Evergreen Branches and rustic baskets are a must have.

One of the most common and traditional ways to make use of natural materials around the holidays is with handmade wreaths, which are classic and very beautiful. Rustic and natural details are favorites in this style, you will not see accessories with reflective finishes, matte and natural textures are essentials.

If you want to add a metallic accent, the brushed pale gold is the perfect one, thanks to the beautiful contrast that it creates with rustic elements.


Traditional Christmas decorations never fail to make the space warm, sweet and cozy. They are timeless and would look great several years later. The eternal beautiful combination between green, red, metallics and wood are perfect to be combined with almost all the interior design styles. Whether your home is traditional, contemporary, or eclectic, these Christmas decorations are perfect to match with almost any space.

Nothing says Christmas like the classic combination of green and red. Start with gorgeous green foliage and add bursts of berry colors in candles, stocking, baubles, cushions, flowers and throws, along with some wooden elements. Red and green table decorations create a classic Christmas look that never fail. 

With your Christmas decoration, always find a way to complement the composition and textures of your spaces. Regardless of your style, avoid saturating your spaces with many elements, let your spaces breathe and flow, let the viewers enjoy the pieces that are exposed in your home. Remember that to achieve elegance, less is more.

Remember that Christmas decorations will be with you for a few weeks, and they will be a part of your home, so keep in mind the characteristics of your space to know which type of Christmas decoration is best for you. In the end, the goal is to create harmony between all the elements.

Here some tips to select a Christmas decor style depending on your interior design styles.

  1. Focus on the colors you have in your home year ’round and select complementary colors that bring out the seasonal feeling.
  2. Harmonize With Your Interior! If the space is warm and cozy, choose Christmas decorations in shapes and colors that retain that feeling. If the space is ultra contemporary, choose decorations that are also sleek and sophisticated.
  3. Be careful with the color palette. There are two type of colors: Warm colors such as red, yellow, golds, orange, and cool colors like silver, blue, green and purple. So If you choose a decorating scheme of snow and frozen style stick to the cool colors. If you’re focusing on the cozy, warm and natural feeling you’d choose warm colors.


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