1Use of Sustainable, Natural Elements 

Items made by hand using sustainable, natural materials like stone, wood, clay, bamboo, rattan and jute will be in for 2020. Designers and homeowners have been embracing the eco-friendly style and natural materials that have been prevalent in interior design for bedroom trends. People are needing these natural elements and materials in their homes as a way to feel more in touch with the earth.

2Wooden Textured Panels

Wooden panelling can bring texture, elegance and a contemporary feel to any room. Wooden textures add a warm and calming feel, use wall paneling to add a bit of architectural depth to your home. Flawless modern design using walls of wood can accentuate the warm atmosphere of a house, be it minimalist, traditional or eclectic. Textured wooden wall panels add a tactile element to any space without making a grandiose statement. 

3Colors Inspired by Nature

Warm, natural and fresh colors inspired by nature are the favorites for bedrooms in 2020. Those colors bring joy, serenity and focus to the mind, body and spirit.The color you choose for your bedroom directly influences how you will feel there, so it’s important to choose tones that provide a calm and relaxing sensation.

Nature is the best inspiration source. Earth tone colors inspired by nature create a serene, restful feeling.

Green is a relaxing color and very pleasing to the human eye because it provides mental and physical relaxation. It gives a sense of freshness and airiness to the space.

bedroom trends

Pink is a color that inspires warm and comforting feelings and it has a calming effect on the nerves.

bedroom trends
bedroom trends

Blue has positive effects on the mind and body. It evokes calmness and relaxation, putting your mind in the right mood for the night because it helps slow down human metabolism.

bedroom trends


The interior design style Japandi is a fusion between the timeless elegance of Japanese aesthetics and the modern Scandinavian style. It’s a hybrid style where two different styles act together to create a perfect balanced space.

The “Japandi” style combines the best of both styles: the bright, light color scheme and comfort of the Scandinavian style, and the warm, darker tones inspired by nature, elegance of wabi sabi and the minimalist approach from the Japanese. This style is a favorite to be used in bedrooms because it’s clean, neutral, with minimal clutter and evokes a sense of tranquility, relaxation and authenticity in a highest level.

bedroom trends

5Greenery Sanctuary

Plants are always a good choice to give life to an interior and make your home air healthier. Exposure to indoor plants can reduce stress. They are also said to purify the air. Certain plants can even promote a better night’s sleep.

Add hanging plants, green walls or medium or tall plants with a unique planter. Consider your interior scheme before selecting a planter; consider their colors or textures and pair them with a plant that compliments the interior design style that you’re looking for.

bedroom trends

6Breaking Symmetry

Add visual interest breaking the symmetry rules commonly used in bedrooms. Contemporary bedrooms are characterized for being authentic and out of the box.

Break the symmetry by using table lamps combined with ceiling lamps or using different nightstand styles, colors or textures.

bedroom trends

7Curve and Organic Shapes

Curved lined elements are excellent in bedroom trends to break up the rigidity of any space because it will act as an unexpected element that will add interest and an unconventional shape to your space. Incorporate furniture, mirrors, or patterns with organic lines inspired by nature.

Add biomorphic patterns, which are patterns inspired by natural forms, proportion, colors and sequences found in natural systems. Add those patterns through wallpaper or bedding.

bedroom trends

8Mix and Match Textiles

Velvet, linen, corduroy and cotton are a few of the favorites textures for bedrooms. Soft luxurious velvet fabrics will become increasingly popular as consumers look to create luxury and glamour in the bedroom.

Linen and cotton fabrics will become increasingly prominent with customers that are looking to create a softer and more natural look in bedroom trends. But don’t be afraid to mix and match. Mixing different textures, styles and patterns is an excellent idea to add your personality and style to your bedroom.

bedroom trends

9Non-boring Nightstands

The nightstand is a great place to have a little fun. Look for interesting shapes, bold colors and unconventional uses. Thinking beyond the expected is what gives a room personality and makes it look truly designed. Be creative and think outside the box. Use Floating shelves, A rolling cart or a vintage trunk to add interest to your decor.

bedroom trends

Remember that the two most important functional considerations for bedside tables are surface areas and height, so be considerate of those details in order to pick the right one for you.

10Lighting is Key

Lighting is key in any interior but even more in bedrooms. In contemporary bedroom trends, architectural lighting is a must have. It provides an indirect lighting that is very pleasant to the eyes, helping to create a soft and warm atmosphere. Architectural lighting is ideal to define areas, volumes and to add depth and contrast to the space. 

Also remember that Hanging, wall or table lamps are crucial to the decor. Bold sculptural pieces that add an interesting element to the space regardless of your interior style are essentials.

bedroom trends


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