How to Select Wallpapers Like a Pro!

There is an infinite variety of wallpaper I know it can be confusing to choose the right one for your room. Something essential is that you like the design of the wallpaper, well, I would say that you should love it because it will be the focal point of the room and you will see its design eVery day. If it doesn’t have a motif or colors you love, you might get tired of it easily.

However, apart from choosing a wallpaper that you like, you should consider the conditions of the room—mainly its height, size, and natural light. Yes, as in all interior design, You need to evaluate your room first!


If the room you plan to decorate is small, you should opt for designs with light tones that are not too saturated with images or complex patterns. 

For tiny spaces, it’s not advisable to place the wallpaper on all the walls. For the best result, place your wallpaper where the greatest visual attention is focused. 

Something important to consider is the scale and proportion between the wallpaper and the space. ​In small spaces, the pattern must be small to create an illusion that the wall is receding. There’s no specific rule. It’s a matter of perception. Just use your criteria (CRAITIRIA), taking into account how the pattern will relate to your space.

On the other hand, in large spaces, you can use wallpaper with a more daring design, with patterns on a larger scale, and you can even use it on several walls. However, remember that the eye needs some solid colored surfaces to rest.

Wallpaper is useful to emphasize a wall; before choosing that wall, make sure it is an important one for the room. 

Pick a Visible wall that draws your attention from different points or serves as a backdrop to important areas or furniture, such as the TV unit, the backwall of your dining room, or behind the headboard.

We have already seen this in the video on creating focal points in each space of a home; the concepts learned in that video can be applied to the placement of your wallpaper. If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend that you do; I will leave you the link up here and in the description box below.

Maybe you like to think outside the box, why not add interest to your ceilings? This is also an authentic way to add personality to a room. 


After you understand your space and have an idea of what you need according to the qualities of your room, we move on to the fun part: Choosing the colors and motif of your wallpaper.

In general, the choice is very similar to that made when Speaking of traditional painting. Light tones will give the space a feeling of spaciousness while helping to keep the room illuminated with less artificial or natural light.

In interior design, you always have to think of everything as a whole. Think of a concept and stick to it.  BTW, if you want to learn more about choosing the right color palette for your home this article is perfect for you!

For instance, if we design our room with a mínimalist style, an art deco motíf is probably not the best option unless it respects the color palette, and if you’re looking to mix styles, we could consider it. 

Still, if neither the style nor the color goes with the aesthetic of your room, as much as you like the wallpaper, it would be best to see another option that adheres to your decoration plan.

You should select wallpaper with colors that complement your décor and the existing color palette in your home.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be an identical color; you can use a shade within the same color family, analogous or complementary colors.

The important thing is to make sure that the colors of the wallpaper coexist with the existing decoration and are combined correctly, thinking about how the colors relate to each other following the color theory. 


Apart from the color palette, it is important to think about the pattern and motif of the wallpaper to choose one that complements your type of furniture and other textures.

Patterns define and emphasize styles, so use them to make your style and personality stand out even more.

For example, if your style is art deco or glam, a geometric pattern will highlight its aesthetics; conversely, if your interior has a tropical Vibe, with wood, and natural fibers, a floral or leaf motif can work well.

Another thing to consider is the texture. Wallpapers can provide a rustic feeling or refer to elements of nature; it all depends on the texture


There are several options for wallpaper materials such as Printed and vinyl, to name a few. One material isn’t better than another; one just may be better for your space and lifestyle.

For example, vinyl wallpapers are resistant to humidity; you can even wash them. Which makes it suitable for use in bathrooms or kids’ rooms or if you have pets, as this material allows you to keep it clean.

If you opt for printed wallpaper it’s not recommended to use in kitchens, bathrooms, or if you have kids or pets because the ink is water-based so you can’t wash it.

You must be careful and read the instructions for the wallpaper you are going to select. Find out if you can clean it with common detergents or if it requires other special products. That way, you can choose the best one for your space within your budget.

Learn to select Wallpaper Like a Pro! Wallpapers are an excellent way to create focal points, attract our attention, and give the space that special and personal təch it needs.


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