Product Design

Eichler Renovated Home With a Central Atrium

This renovated l Eichler Plan OJ-1605 home in Silicon Valley was originally designed by A. Quincy Jones and Frederick Emmons in 1962.

A Concrete Home With Ranges for Day and Evening

São Paulo-based RMAA recently completed LG Residence, a modern concrete house in Brazil that borders a beautiful indigenous forest near Bragança Paulista

Minimal Residence in Warsaw Designed by Thisispaper Studio

Thisispaper Studio redesigned a minimal apartment located in in Warsaw, Poland, the new city center of Warsaw over .

Seaside Home Break up in Half for Two Brothers

Jesolo Lido Beach Villa is an individually designed beach house designed to accommodate two brothers that share the home, yet still want privacy for them and their families.

Oasis Planter: the Coexistence of Furnishings and Nature

Most people like to go to nature when they are on vacation. Maybe go hiking, go camping or go for a picnic. Let their eyes fill up with a wonderful green scene, smell the mixture of sunlight, grass and earth, and feel comfortable all over.

Stool Design: Folding Furnishings for Hanging

The Hanging Stool was inspired by working at a standing desk. Research shows it is ideal to switch between sitting and standing throughout the day.

Masking Tape Paintings: The Recreation of Well-known Work

The artist Nasa Funahara is a senior at...

Leather-based: Discover, Experiment and Create.

TORU is a a young craft and design...

10 Lounge Chairs to Full Your Modern Residence

Any contemporary home needs the perfect lounge chair...