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Clear is the NEW Coloration!

"Transparent is the New Color" - Madea Milano is an...

Marble Residence Decor: 15 Methods To Incorporate Marble Into Your Residence

Marble represents luxury and glamour. This texture has started to pop...

Sculptural Bench within the metropolis

Sculptural bench "Garabatos". This series of benches and seats, often...

TOP Inside Design Traits 2018

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KtJ2yZWErQ IN: Black Finished Spaces become more Dramatic. Pure black or dark...

Home in Russia with a particular reference to Nature

Architect-designer: Anna Potapenko Location: Russia, North Saint-Petersburg Area: 160 sq.m. Project year: 2016 Renders:...

Wave Cupboard by Sebastian Errazuriz

The Wave Cabinet by Artist and designer Sebastian ErraZuriz is...

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