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Uluwatu Home by SAOTA: A Fashionable Vacation Residence

This resort‐inspired home in Bali’s iconic surf destination, Uluwatu, puts a contemporary spin on local materiality and vernacular architecture to create a luxurious modern holiday home deeply attuned to its beautiful surroundings.

Home in Costa Brava: A Brilliant, Trendy House.

"A-cero presents a new single-family house located in Catalonia - Spain. The owners wanted a solid, modern and bright design despite the house being relatively moderate size.

Concrete Trendy Loft by Killing Matt Woods

The Australian design studio Killing Matt Woods created an amazing...

Eating Rooms: TOP 20 Designs to Encourage You

Dining rooms, as well as living rooms, are known for...

Fashionable Bed room designs to LOVE!

Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms to...

Luxurious kitchen: 10 Designs to Love!

A beautifully designed kitchen makes for amazing cooking! It's important...

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