Get inspired and add a touch of color into your life and into your space with this color guide for 2020! We’ll provide you some ideas on how to use the TOP 5 Color Trends and how to combine each one. Let’s get started!

1Naval Blue

Officially the color of the year. Blue is one of the most used colors in home interiors. It is a calming color, and it’s well known that blue slows down the nervous system, so it’s considered to be beneficial to the mind and body when used in the home.

Naval blue is a classic color that can take on numerous moods from elegant to casual chic. Since blue is a primary color, there are a lot of different ways to go about creating blue color combinations.

Thanks to its versatility you can use it to achieve a wide variety of styles: from Rustic, classic to contemporary. The key is to combine it with materials that complement the color to achieve the determined style.

Since blue is a cool color, it is perfect to combine it with natural, raw and warm materials such as wood, jute, seagrass, bamboo or with warm golden metals as well as providing contrast, balance and warmth to the composition.


Terra Cotta is an Italian world that means “baked earth”. The trend these few years has been strongly inspired by nature, so the terracotta color could not be missing from our list. A shade between orange and brown, terracotta is a cozy color that helps warm the house with just a few touches. 

This color is very easy to combine with different colors and textures. You can combine it with other warm tones and materials, such as wood, brown or dusty pink. It can also be combined with cold colors, like blues and greens and materials and textures like concrete, creating a very interesting and contrasting effect.

Terracotta combined with golden and shiny metals can create a contemporary, unique and interesting mix. Don’t forget that mixing different textures and finishes are essentials for adding personality and style to any room.

3Pewter Green

The color green is a very relaxing color that is pleasing to the eye because it’s present in big amounts in nature. It’s fresh, elegant and very versatile to combine.

Green is a color that represents nature, so it’s perfect to be combined with other colors and textures like earthy tones, natural wooden finishes, and natural materials that are perfect to get a fresh and casual space. But if you want to incorporate a touch of sophistication, golden details can make the difference.

Since green is a “cool color” it is a good idea to balance it out with warm finishes, colors, and textures. 


Blush has been a favorite in recent years and it is because this shade is a color that inspires warm and comforting feelings, perfect to be used in almost any space at home as a neutral or as an accent color.

It is true that it’s a soft and feminine color, however, the versatility that it has to combine with a wide range of colors, from clay, blue, green, beige or even dark gray, has made it one of the favorite colors to be used in interior design.

Depending on the style you want, you can combine this color with rustic wood, earthy tones, brown or beige for a casual and cozy style.
If you prefer a more contemporary and sophisticated style, dare to combine it with light or dark gray or even black or any light and soft color.

Remember that the type of texture and finish with which you will complement the colors determine and emphasize the style you want to achieve. They are what make the difference.


Shades of gray are a favorite among homeowners who want to decorate their homes in a modern style. Dark gray is a great favorite for those who like contrast and a touch of drama into the space. 

It’s true that Charcoal gray is a dark shade, because of this, it’s better to use it in spaces with a lot of natural and artificial light. Lighting is key when we’re using dark colors because this will make the room safe and comfortable. But remember, Charcoal gray is not good to be used in small or darker bedrooms.

To get a contemporary look you can mix several tones of gray together, creating a monochromatic color scheme to create a neutral, elegant and sophisticated space.

At the time of using this shade it’s important to warm up the space by including furniture and decor pieces in wooden and rustic finishes. Also, including nature inside is a good idea to add a cozy sensation to the space.

If you want to learn more about how to combine colors like a pro, check out our guide for you here!


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