Japandi Inside Design Type: Get the Look!

Japandi is the fusion between the timeless elegance of Japanese aesthetics and the modern Scandinavian style. It’s a hybrid style where two different styles act together to create a perfect balanced space.

AKA Patagonia by Larrou ARQ

Patagonia is one of the most important tourist destinations in Chile and the world, a geography that strikes you with its scale, untamed wilderness and the bond that’s generated between the visitor and the landscape.

TOP 10 Iconic Chairs You MUST know!

Each object that surrounds us has been the result of the imagination of its creator, not only to beautify a space, but to provide function and make the lives of the people who use it easier. Let's see 10 iconic design chairs that every design lover should know.

Bed room Tendencies: TOP 10 Inside Design Tendencies 2020

Check out the TOP 10 bedroom trends for a modern design, along with tips, tricks and ideas on how to achieve the popular look!

The World’s First 360-Degree Pool was Unveiled!

A new concept for the world's first 360-degree...

TOP 5 Modern Bathrooms: A Minimal Lifestyle

Minimalism has been in style for some time now, due...

Dark Kitchen: TOP 20 designs to fall in love with!

Dark Kitchen Trend. Thinking of remodeling your kitchen? What if...

3D Printed Faucet: A piece of Art for your Bathroom.

Faucet by American Standard. The groundbreaking collection of 3D printed metal...

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