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Fashionable Bed room designs to LOVE!

Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms to design in your home! It’s YOUR space, where you should feel comfortable and connected with its design. Whether its a dark interior, a bright room, or a rustic space, it’s necessary that you feel great with its modern and trendy style. We’ve created a list with the TOP bedroom designs to inspire your modern home, along with tips on how to style it!

Visually anchor your bed in the room by placing a large area rug beneath it. This will make your bed space become the center of attention within your interior.

Low platform beds have become a highly desired piece of modern furniture. To give it an eye-catching effect, try to add a vibrant-colored bed for a focal point effect.

To spice up a simple bedroom, try adding wall textures to give it a modern look. Also, always go for a bright color, such as green, blue or yellow, to add as an accent color.

Lighting over your bedside table is a necessity when it comes to saving space. This way, you can save all the valuable space withing your bedside unit for more important things. Also, a bedside floor lamp is another trendy alternative.

Wall mounted bedside shelves rather than floor standing units are an excellent choice for a modern look. Try decorating it with modern metallic bedside lamps to complete the interior.

Lighting is everything! Specially in a modern room. Try architectural lighting or LED lights to add a futuristic vibe. Also, try colored lights, like purple or blue, to take your modern bedroom to the next level.

High ceiling are an amazing asset to modern home decor! Try straying away form curtains to accentuate that open-spaced, natural lighting look! Definitely a breathtaking sight!

Dark color palettes are modernity’s best friend. To help maintain your dark room feeling cozy and comfortable, try letting lots of natural lighting in, to hep warm up the space.

Curves are a great way to go! A platform bed doesn’t have to be all hard lines and sharp corners, trying different furniture with modern shapes are the perfect choice for a modern bedroom.

Textures are a great, specially if they’re wooden. Natural or dark wood and a neutral color scheme make a beautiful combination in any modern space. Try it!

Sleep among nature. It’s been proven that nature can immediately make you feel more relaxed and in peace, specially within your home.

A dark interior isn’t your only choice for a modern room. Light colors, like white, beige or light gray, are also an excellent choice for your space! Also, try adding a unique textured rug to liven up your modern room.



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