Text provided by designers: A Modern eco-style design of VENEZIA apartment, with a share of wildlife in the middle of the European metropolis.

Balance between decorative, unity with nature and sophistication – is it possible to combine in a modern interior? Answer: Yes! And we are presenting a new apartment project in Germany called “VENEZIA”.

The Berlin family travel a lot, but Venice has become a place of strength and inspiration for them. While designing an apartment renovation, the designers of the Cult Of Design repair studio in Lviv have taken the modern eco-style as their basis.

The masters tried to combine natural wood, green spaces with irrigation system, exquisite copyright chandeliers and functional solutions for comfortable living for the whole family in one space.

The atmosphere of the city on the water helped to recreate the apartments with natural wood from the Italian factory Riva1920, which for many years was the underwater structure of the Venice infrastructure, and thanks to it has a unique texture and excellent engineering properties.

The result of the work of the Cult of Design team was a wonderful renovation of an apartment designed for a happy and harmonious life. The VENEZIA project is surprisingly suited to the spirit and taste of a German family. The price of interior design did not exceed the budget, and it also became a nice bonus.

Firm: Cult of Design
Project location: Berlin, Germany
Area: 138 sq.m.
Stylistics: Modern eco-style
Photo Credits: photo by Cult of Design
Website: https://www.cult-design.com.ua/en/
Project Name: VENEZIA


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