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Home in Costa Brava: A Brilliant, Trendy House.

"A-cero presents a new single-family house located in Catalonia - Spain. The owners wanted a solid, modern and bright design despite the house being relatively moderate size.

The World’s First 360-Degree Pool was Unveiled!

A new concept for the world's first 360-degree...

Lake Home by WAFAI: Designs to Fall in Love With!

The Lake House concept evolves around a dynamic open space that will start to move around the entrance as you walk inside the house, towards the the main facade.

Modern Structure: Superb Concrete Getaway

This small house located in the Catskills, NY is designed as a concrete weekend getaway for a family living near New York City.

McDonalds Unveils the Smallest Restaurant in the World

McDonalds has recently opened the world's smallest restaurant...

Zaha Hadid: TOP 8 Most Breathtaking Structures

The Iraqi-born British architect, also known as the...

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