Description from designer: Most people like to go to nature when they are on vacation. Maybe go hiking, go camping or go for a picnic. Let their eyes fill up with a wonderful green scene, smell the mixture of sunlight, grass and earth, and feel comfortable all over. But this is because people’s lives are imprisoned in lifeless buildings, so the designer, Pei-Ju Wu, hopes to bring more greenery back home and turn it into the center of everyday life, like an oasis.

“Why can small potted plants only be used for the corner of your home?” – Pei-Ju Wu wanted to create an exclusive space for them at home, pull them back to the center of life. Combine furniture and nature to create an oasis in a cement environment.

The central funnel of the glass table top is the water outlet, and the water can be irrigated down to the soil by the central pipe.​​​​​​​ The water required for the plant is poured from the center of the table top, and the funnel flows down the pipe to the soil, helping the plants to replenish moisture through the capillary principle between the soils.

A LED strip is placed in the center of the planting area, and a built-in time switch illuminates the plant to provide proper light to live. It can also be used as a situational light at night.

The plants in the table are naturally drooping like a beautiful tablecloth, lying there quietly to accompany you, and allowing nature to integrate into the atmosphere of the home. The main body is dark gray, with a slightly green reflective glass on the top as the tabletop, hoping to highlight the greenness of the plant.

OASIS is both botanic and furniture. By redefining the relationship between “natural” and “artificial objects”, potted plants are no longer corner decorations but a new statement of “the coexistence of furniture and nature ” in the interior.

Excess water can pass through the hole and flow along the central pipe to the lower collecting pan and return to the atmosphere through natural evaporation.

You can brew a pot of tea with some poetry, laying on the sofa and enjoying your afternoon.

Designer: Pei-Ju Wu
Guiding Mentor: Hsu-Cheng Chu
Photographer: Mickey Wu
Model: Yi-Wen Po


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