Any contemporary home needs the perfect lounge chair to function as an accent element to complete your look. The right chair can definitely make or break your design, so be on the lookout for the perfect one to compliment your space. They can be used to add a pop of color to your room, enhance your home decor, or just function as a stylish but comfortable seating. Here you’ll find the TOP 10 most contemporary lounge chairs to complete your home!

1Arne Jacobsen Style Egg Lounge Chair

This famously known egg chair, with its unique shape and vibrant color, gives the right pop of color in any room. Definitely a piece to own to make your space stand out. Shop here!

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2Barcelona Style Lounge Chair:

This luxurious chair is classy and comfy, while still maintaining the desired contemporary style. Truly the chair to add the right amount of elegance to your room. Shop here!

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3Kardiel Cub Modern Lounge Chair

A minimalist Scandinavian chair to maintain a simple style within your interior. It’s the perfect combination of natural wood and a dark color, bringing a modern touch to the chair. Shop here!

4Modern Swivel Lounge Chair:

A place to rest, meditate, or read in true style. Available in the most popular colors for 2019. Vibrant, classy and beautiful. This chair will surely be an eye-catcher in any space it’s in. Shop here!

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5LC4 Chaise Lounge

Perfect for both your home and office, this chair’s extraordinary design definitely makes for a contemporary room. With its unique shape, slick color and clean metals, this popular chair is a must need for any designer. Shop here!

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6Womb Style Chair

An unforgettable splash of color to your room! This chair gives the most desired “WOW” effect with its vibrant color and elegant design, while still keeping it clean and simple. Shop here!

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7Wegner Style Shell Lounge Chair

This rustic mix of wood and leather is another amazing Wegner style chair. Built to last with 5 coats of finish for superior protection from wear and scratches.  A chair worth adding to complete your desired contemporary look. Shop here!

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8Purple Lounge Chair

2019 is the year for vibrant colors! But this time, make it different. Step away from the vibrant red, blue and yellow, and give purple its time to shine. The rich purple and soft curves of this velvet chair make it the perfect contemporary accent piece. It even includes the matching footstool. Shop here!

9Industrial Style Metal And Leather Lounge Chair

Within a contemporary room, mixing it with other styles makes the interior even more unique. This industrial style chair is the perfect choice to match. With the distressed leather cushioning, wooden arms, and pewter frame, this might end up being that most unique chair to ever grace your bottom. Shop here!

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10Eames Style Molded Plastic Rocker Lounge Chair

Stylish, simple and non-traditional. The perfect minimalist choice for a contemporary space. It adds an extraordinary chair, while still maintaining a clean and slick look. Also, it rocks! Literally. Shop here!

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